The Village Shop is your summer stop to help you on your way by boat or car with many essential items. We are constantly expanding to help make your summer outings easier. We also carry a selection of newspapers and local folklore books.

Focus Items include:

  • Corn on the cob, in season
  • Fresh local vegetables in season including berries as available.
  • Fresh homemade bread, pies & goodies Fri Sat & Sun.
  • Locally butchered meats
  • Fresh local honey and local maple syrup to go with the pancakes.
  • Frozen beef patties, sausage patties, pork chops and steaks from a local farm / butcher shop

All of this in addition to the other groceries such as milk, bread, eggs, bacon, hotdogs, cheese, cereals, buns, pasta, sauces, cookies, condiments, charcoal, and of course marshmallows for the smores. (a big hit with campers)

There is also the toiletries cupboard with sunscreen, peroxide, Band-Aids, and the new Utensils and Supplies cupboard with items like clothes pins, napkins, cups, can openers etc.

We hope you will find what you need and if not please ask, it may be out of sight. We have added many items based on suggestions from our customers so let us know what we are missing.

We want everyone to have a great summer and we thank you for your business, your ideas and your support